18/23.30 Davor Perhaj

23.30/5 Marcin Blazejewski


14/20 Claudio Salemme

20/23 Debora Giusti

23/5 Gergana Boeva MamaLoca


14/20 Gianluca Zeccardo

21.30/2.30 Diego Doigneau - AFTER Marathon

Other activities

-- Restaurant Service: Opening time --


DINNER 19.30  22.30 (Friday & Saturday)

BRUNCH 12.00 15.00 (Saturday & Sunday)

The great Chef Moreno Ianda will offer a incredible choice of typical Italian-Tuscan dishes...

so you will have the opportunity to attend a great tango event and also an incredible food experience :-D


Meals will be served in the Restaurant hall during the opening time.

You are kindly requested to produce the ticket lunch that you will receive at the registration desk.

-- Free Body Warm-Up --      

Awaken your body and stretch your muscles with Chiara Dalle Luche

Saturday and Sunday hrs: 13.00-13.45

Open to everyone / Free access / No experience necessary / Bring a mat or a thick towel

-- Free Shuttle Service --


Every 30 minutes (about): Piazza Stazione - Stilhotel Parking - Villa Castelletti - Piazza Stazione - Stilhotel - Villa Castelletti ecc....

VENERDI/FRIDAY: From 17,30 to 5,00   SABATO/SATURDAY: From 11,30 to 5,00  

DOMENICA/SUNDAY: From 11,30 to 2,30